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Picture for category TerrainZyme® Z-Plex TerrainZyme® Z-Plex


TERRAINZYME® Z-PLEX is a highly advanced, plant enzyme–based nutritional line designed specifically to support the biological terrain.* These formulas work together to address the various aspects of the biological terrain, such as mineral/electrolyte balance and enzymatic activity.* The TerrainZyme® formulas provide macronutrients as the building blocks of the terrain.*

This line is designed based on the various urine and saliva tests used in biological terrain testing.* All products in this line have a proprietary blend of broad-spectrum enzymes designed to support the breakdown of complex nutrients and make them more bioavailable.*


Super B-Zyme™ is a well-balanced vitamin B formula that offers a unique combination of enzymes, nutrients, herbs, and other cofactors in a proprietary blend.

Super CoQ10-Zyme™ aids energy production through a unique combination of CoQ10, borage oil, and phosphatidylcholine.*

SuperDigest-Zyme™ offers digestive support for occassional overeating through a combination of proteolytic and carbolytic plant-based enzymes.*

Thyro-Zyme™ is a unique thyroid-support product that includes herbs, trace elements, and glandulars.*

Zinc-Zyme™ supports the immune system and proper enzymatic function by providing high-potency zinc.*