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Webstore Return Policy

We are dedicated to serving you with superior customer service.  To initiate a return based on the Webstore Return Policy, contact webstore Customer Service Monday through Friday 7:30 am-4:30 pm PT by phone at (855) 626-5352 or by email to storesupport@myhcpstore.com.

 Webstore Return Policy*:

  1. A Return Order Authorization is required prior to returning products to your HCP store.  Products received without a prior Return Order Authorization cannot be processed. 

  2. Due to the nature of the products, Return Order Authorizations are only provided where products are shipped in error and are in original, unopened, and unmarked condition; or where products arrive damaged. Returns must be initiated within 7 days of when you receive the product.

  3. Refunds or Replacements are only issued from Webstore Customer Service under the following circumstances: (i) the product is lost in shipping (not delivered) and reported to Webstore Customer Service within 15 days of the order being shipped; or (ii) a product has been returned with a valid Return Order Authorization.  Where approved, your refund will be in the amount of the retail purchase price paid for the product. 

  4. Return Shipping.  The Webstore may pay for Return Shipping only in the instances where, (a) Webstore Customer Service has provided a Return Order Authorization, (b) Products are shipped in error, damaged or defective, and (c) Product return is required by Webstore. 

*Your Healthcare Professional may have additional policies that apply to returns from their store. Webstore Customer Service can assist you with all questions regarding webstore returns.